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Discover Time-honored Ayurveda with Skin Biomimetics

Discover Time-honored Ayurveda with Skin Biomimetics




Welcome to Pure & Cimple. I'm Preeti, the founder and the passionate heart and mind behind this innovative brand. My journey into creating skincare that resonates with the grace and wisdom of women in their midlife and beyond is not just a business venture, but a personal passion. Our midlife symbolize a vibrant journey filled with wisdom and experiences. Let's celebrate these years with elegance and confidence.

Early Inspirations: Science of Ayurveda

From a young age in India, Ayurveda was not just tradition but a lifestyle in my family. This ancient wisdom was my first foray into understanding skin health. As I navigated personal skin challenges, I uncovered the transformative power of Ayurvedic ingredients. This journey was more than finding remedies; it was a deep connection with nature and its healing essence. With inquisitive nature, I delved into how these ingredients work, igniting a lifelong passion for blending nature's treasures with scientific research to enhance skin health.

A Professional Detour: Technology and Innovation

While my heart remained loyal to skincare, my career path took a fascinating turn into software technology. Over two decades in this field, I gained invaluable insights into the modern innovations. A significant project introduced me to Biomimetics, a breakthrough that marries nature's genius with technological innovation. This encounter sparked my interest to explore how mimicking natural processes could revolutionize the healthcare sector, especially skincare, to newer heights. This blend of ancient insights and modern science became the cornerstone of Pure & Cimple's philosophy, where we bridge tradition with innovation for resilient, healthy skin.


Back to Roots, Forward with Biomimetics: The Birth of Pure & Cimple

Visual representation of Ayurvedic and biomimetic synergy in skincare products

Navigating through my perimenopausal phase, I observed changes in my skin – increased sensitivity and a need for extra care. Searching for suitable products, I realized the market lacked offerings for the specific needs of women in their 40s and beyond. It was a period of introspection, with roots in Ayurveda and my expertise in biomimetic research, I embarked on creating a skincare line that resonated with the needs of mature skin.

Carefully selecting Ayurvedic ingredients like Yashtimadhu (Licorice) and Siddhartha (Sea Buckthorn), known for balancing Vata, the predominant dosha in mature skin and integrating these ingredients with Biomimetic principles, I crafted products that resonate with aging skin's natural processes to restore skin back to a balanced state.

Pure & Cimple stands as a commitment to nurturing, potent, and honest skincare, tailored for life's changing seasons

A Personal Invitation

Join me at Pure & Cimple to celebrate your unique beauty journey. Our skincare embodies self-love, confidence, and the freedom of authenticity. Each product is a step towards nourished, balanced, and radiant skin, crafted to honor and elevate your skincare experience.



Get to Know Me: A Personal Q&A excerpts from interviews

How was Pure & Cimple born?

The inception of Pure & Cimple was almost serendipitous. It all started with a homemade Vitamin C serum, which I created to address my own skin concerns. A dermatologist friend, impressed by the results, suggested I share it with others. This encouragement, coupled with my transition from a technology career and the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, led me to create a skincare line that embodies minimalism and effectiveness. It was about returning to basics—pure, natural ingredients that honor and nourish the skin, especially for women in their forties and beyond.


What are your hobbies and how do they influence your work?

I'm deeply committed to yoga and meditation, practices that keep me centered and balanced — key qualities in both my personal life and work at Pure & Cimple. I also cherish reading and listening to audiobooks, especially while walking amidst nature on trails near my home. Listening to stories while I wander in nature or sitting still in meditation, I find my creative spark. It's this mix of peace and imagination that really shapes how I think about skincare and everything we do at Pure & Cimple.


How does your cultural heritage shape Pure & Cimple?

My Indian heritage and living in diverse cultures have been instrumental in shaping Pure & Cimple. The rich tradition of Ayurveda taught me the power of natural ingredients, while my global experiences helped me appreciate the diversity of skin types. This blend of cultural wisdom and worldly insights is at the heart of our brand's ethos.


Can you share your approach to self-care and wellbeing?

Self-care for me is about harmony and mindfulness. It begins with a morning routine of exercise and meditation in my backyard, connecting with nature. I believe in nourishing the body and soul—whether it’s through skincare, a healthy diet, or mental wellness practices. My approach is holistic, embracing the interconnectedness of our internal and external wellbeing.




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