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Ocean & Society Regeneration

Ocean & Society Regeneration

Ignorance might be bliss, but we owe it to humanity to educate ourselves and learn practical ways to reduce our plastic footprint. Look at the facts below!




Did it shake you? It’s been a wakeup call for us as a responsible brand too. It was not in our initial agenda when we started off but we’ve since realized it’s not enough to have a quality product. Someone has to pay for the environmental toll of our convenient packaging, and that should be us. And you, our customers are our important partner in this. Together with you, we can help to build ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, and reprocess the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.


How It Works


Measure and Donate

Pure & Cimple calculates our annual plastic footprint and donates to fund the collection of low-value PP plastic waste equivalent to + additional 200 lbs from oceans and landfills every year.



Improving Lives

Collectors receive a compensation for the materials they collect to better help them provide necessities such as groceries, school tuition, and health insurance etc to their families.



Regenerative society

Collected material is reborn as Social Plastic® which is reintegrated into products and packaging. This creates a closed-loop supply chain while helping those who collect it. 




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