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Midlife and our skin are special

Midlife and our skin are special

We know who we are

We are women who have grown wiser with age, understanding that our skin has unique needs as it matures. As we navigate through midlife, we recognize that our skin requires ingredients that replenish what is gradually depleting and support slower cellular regeneration. NO-nonsense approach to skincare, NO unnecessary complications. Let's cut to the chase with a smarter, streamlined routine that truly works. ONLY healthy, efficient skincare because we know there’s no time for a 10-step routine when life is full of experiences waiting to be enjoyed.



My Story


Pure & Cimple was born in the midst of my personal journey through perimenopause—a time of immense change and challenge. As I navigated the chaos, my skin reflected the turmoil, sparking my determination to create a skincare line that genuinely addresses the needs of mature skin. With my deep roots in Ayurveda and drawing from my two-decade background in technology, I envisioned a brand that blends traditional wisdom with cutting-edge science.


My mission is to simplify skincare, focusing on purity and efficacy. Every product is designed to be free from harmful toxins, fragrances, and essential oils, making it perfect for sensitive, mature skin.

Visual representation of Ayurvedic and biomimetic synergy in skincare products




The Science of Skincare: 

Ayurveda + Biomimetics

Our philosophy, 'Veda-Led, Science Perfected,' uniquely blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with biomimetic science to meet the specific needs of mature skin. This approach combines time-honored Vedic practices, revered for their care of aging skin, with the latest biomimetic ingredients that are identical to those naturally produced by the body. Inspired to balance the natural beauty of aging skin with gentle, age-old wisdom and latest skincare innovations, our products support its health with targeted effectiveness. 

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Why Pure & Cimple







Dermatologist Recommended 


Dermatologist explaining biomimetic advancements with Probiotics skincareDr. Christine J. Ko, MD, Professor of Dermatology and Pathology, Yale University

After thoroughly reviewing and personally testing the Pure & Cimple skincare line,  I've been impressed by their scientifically backed, minimalist approach to skincare. These products are microbiome-friendly, which is crucial as growing research, including this free online review (, shows the significant impact of the skin microbiome on our skin health.

As a dermatologist, I appreciate Pure & Cimple's commitment to formulations that support and nurture the skin's natural ecosystem. This balance is essential for maintaining healthy skin, and I am pleased to see their products reflect this understanding.

I recommend Pure & Cimple for those seeking effective, science-based skincare solutions. Their approach is commendably aligned with the principles of dermatological science and skin microbiota preservation, making it a suitable choice for discerning consumers who prioritize scientifically validated skincare regimes.

Eco-friendly and scientifically advanced skincare solutions by Pure & Cimple

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