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Clinical Study

Clinical Study




At Pure & Cimple, we adhere to rigorous dermatological standards in conducting our clinical studies, with oversight from dermatologists to ensure methodological integrity. Recognizing the pivotal role of the skin barrier in promoting skin health and enhancing the efficacy of skincare products, our focus lies in fortifying this barrier. By bolstering the skin microbiome as a primary objective for optimal skin health, we have collaborated with esteemed partners to evaluate the final formulation of our superSupple Prebiotic moisturizer.

Employing targeted quantitative PCR (qPCR) technology, in-vivo assessments of the skin microbiome were conducted in human subjects following the application of our microbiome-based superSupple moisturizer. A comprehensive analysis utilizing DNA sequencing techniques was undertaken over a duration of 35 days and several key metrics were evaluated:

  1. Maintenance of skin microbiome diversity and richness across individuals.
  2. Absence of statistically significant alterations in global skin microbiome composition and diversity measurements.
  3. Absence of statistically significant changes in specific skin microbiome populations.

The outcomes of our clinical studies affirm that superSupple effectively maintains microbiome diversity and richness, underscoring its efficacy in supporting overall skin health.