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Tips to Repurpose Our Packaging

Tips to Repurpose Our Packaging

It makes a huge difference when a consumer decides to repurpose a product’s packaging — for the consumer’s wallet and for the environment. We want to create change in the skincare industry by encouraging our customers to reuse our packaging before eventually recycling it. It’s important that we all begin to collectively take action so we can minimize the waste we contribute into landfills and our oceans.

Here’s how you can repurpose our packaging here at Pure & Cimple so you can get meaningful use out of each product that would otherwise be considered single-use.

Our box packaging comes with a small, reusable sticker on the exterior of our packaging with this message: ‘Remove this sticker to reuse packaging. Reduce Waste. Save Planet.’ Simply remove the small sticker and it’s ready for repurposing — it’s really that ‘cimple.’

Personalized Gifting 

An amazing benefit of repurposing packaging into a gift box is that you can personalize it however you’d like. Whether you consider yourself to be a crafty person or not, you can get your creative juices flowing by thinking of a way you can make the gift box really meaningful to the recipient. You can carefully curate a design that is tailored to the recipient’s hobbies and interests. This process is actually a lot of fun and it’s great because the packaging served another use that was purposeful before it will eventually get recycled. Who knows — your loved one may even want to keep the thoughtful box for storage or keepsake purposes. 

 Oh! I see you whispering :) ‘Great! but not my cuppa tea. I’m always short of time.’

All the more reason to repurpose…

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There’s no need to run off to the market to grab a gift box to hold a loved one’s gift when you save the outer packaging from your recent order. Simply remove the small sticker and place a ribbon or some wrapping paper around the packaging to create a thoughtful gift box — it’s actually that ‘cimple.’


skin care tips

Storage helps keep your home feeling clean and organized, so why not utilize the packaging for storage purposes? Try to take a moment to think about something you may need organized: perhaps your jewelry, accessories or makeup could use a little organization. Our box packaging could even act as your newfound designated skincare box — you could place all of your skincare products in the box for a full circle moment!

Decorative Pieces

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While you can take the outer box and use your creativity to craft it into something wonderful and unique, you could also easily repurpose the glass bottle that holds a few of our products. After you’ve used the product, ‘cimply’ wash the glass bottle to turn it into a gorgeous vase. The glass bottle makes décor piece somewhere in your home to give the space a little more warmth.

We hope that we’ve provided some inspiration and an alternative way of thinking about packaging. There are so many ways you can utilize packaging after its original use, we would love to hear your ideas. Pure & Cimple wants to minimize our company’s carbon footprint and we can do that with your help. 

Happy Repurposing!


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