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Move from RECYCLE to REUSE This Holiday Season

Move from RECYCLE to REUSE This Holiday Season
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Based on doorsteps, the Christmas shopping season has begun sooner than expected. No, we don't mean embellishments on entryways. We mean cardboard boxes are springing up our doorsteps in large numbers.

On account of social-distancing, people turn increasingly more to online retailers for Christmas shopping and that further increases the packaging boxes because the internet businesses repackage the package boxes to reach flawless to the customers.

What does it mean for our planet?

Even though you have decided to use packaging which is eco-friendly and 100% recycled, is that enough? NO, Now is the time to go one step ahead of Recycling and that is REUSING!

RECYCLING means turning an item into raw materials which can be used again, usually for a completely new product. This is an energy consuming procedure.

REUSING refers to using an object as it is without treatment. This reduces pollution and waste, thus making it a more sustainable process.

During the holiday season especially, so many perfectly good boxes are discarded leaving unnecessary load on the recycling system.

Recycling to Reusing

Reuse lengthens the life of an item, and is a leap forward to reduce energy that goes in recycling.


Here are a few very simple fun ways you can creatively REUSE cardboard and other packaging as much as possible.

Use it for Re-gifting: A personalized gift box with handwritten message or other embellishments will never go unnoticed. It will make your gift a special one with personalized touch.

Make Thank you cards out of it : A hand made Thank you card says much more than printed words can ever say. You could also Create gift tags - make personalized gift tags for different occasions for your friends and family.

Use it for personal storage : The boxes can be amazing to organize and sort your jewelry, watches and other small valuable item.

Help make Your Children learn and play : Let your little ones have hours of fun creating, sculpting and building with these cardboard boxes. So, don’t throw away those cardboard boxes, these are amazing way for children to learn while having fun.

Use them as furniture sliders while you're shifting homes

There isn't anything more wonderful than an exquisite, wrapped present, merely holding back to be opened. But it needs to be done more responsibly.

Our planet is under tremendous pressure from the plastics waste and energy consumption from recycling. We as parents, want to leave a livable planet for our children.

Every little action counts, think before throwing or recycling

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