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What do your wrinkles reveal?

What do your wrinkles reveal?

Did you know the much-dreaded horizontal lines running across your forehead or huddled around the corner of your eyes are one of the best representations of your personality?

Picture this: You're standing in front of the mirror, tracing the storylines on your face, those laugh lines from belly-aching laughter, and the furrows from those moments that made you stronger. Yep, I'm talking about your wrinkles. But guess what? They're not just random creases. They're the roadmap of our incredible journey, the silent storytellers of our joy, our sorrows, and every emotion in between.


Sure we despise them, but you’ll be surprised to find out what your wrinkles on face really mean and how they reflect YOU on so many levels. The type of wrinkles can tell a whole lot more about the kind of person you are. Wrinkles are a part of the natural process of aging. Rather than wish them away, embrace them and see what they have to say.


Forehead lines are not just aging lines on our faces, they reflect our overall temperament


Happy or Sad Face

Your face is more than just a feature; it's a canvas rich with the emotional hues of your life's journey. Each laugh line is a brush stroke of joy, a reminder of times filled with laughter and light. Those worry lines? They're not flaws. They're evidence of your empathy, your capacity to feel deeply, and your strength in facing life's twists and turns.


And those infamous crow's feet? Darling, they're not signs of age but badges of authenticity. They speak of genuine smiles, of moments so joyful they left their mark, proving that the most beautiful expressions come from the soul.


Once you get those lines, then even when you have a quiescent and neutral face, you will still be perceived as a happy and cheerful person. All thanks to these lines.



'Whatever' Face

Ever heard of the "resting face"? Whether it's tagged as indifferent, contemplative, or outright mysterious, it's fascinating how our faces tell stories without uttering a single word. And those marionette lines that give off certain vibes? They add to your mystique, crafting an aura that's uniquely you.


Millennials are familiar with the "resting bitch face" phrase. It is used to describe the face of a person whose facial expressions seem like they do not care about you at all. Like they are probably saying "whatever" to every word you utter without saying a single word. However, it is completely natural, and a person has no fault in it. Recently it has become a new fashion trend many celebrities flaunt it.


If you too have the resting bitch face, you too can become the badass queen once you age. Many people develop the marionette lines, which gives off the resting bitch face vibes.


Sincere Face

Wrinkles on face shows our dominant emotions that we had our whole life. This is what makes the wrinkle lines so much more special. Like many other things, the 'crow's feet,' the lines that appear around your eyes when you smile portray how sincere and unpretentious you are.


How to ward off the lines

Let's not forget, while we celebrate these marks of life, we also want to take care of our canvas. We all are going to get the lines eventually, but there are many ways to not get them early. Many people get them before the age they were supposed to get. Keeping your skin smooth and delaying those pesky wrinkles is all about three things: what you eat, how you live, and the genes you've got. But, don't worry, there's a bunch we can do to keep those lines at bay. 


Our FREE e-guide provides practical advice and easy steps to integrate these nutritional powerhouses into your daily life, enhancing your skin’s natural vitality from the inside out. Download it below.



But hey, it's not just about what's on your plate. Shaking up your routine with some cool lifestyle changes makes a big difference too. Getting your body moving, catching enough sleep, manage stress, ditching cigarettes, and laying off the booze can seriously up your skin game. Download our FREE e-guide for easy doable steps.


The Ritual of Self-Care and Celebration

Caring for your skin is a ritual, a way of honoring your journey and the experiences etched into your being. It's about choosing products and practices that nourish, protect, and celebrate your skin, embracing both its strength and its vulnerability. Whether it's through hydrating, protecting, or gently treating your skin, each step is a gesture of self-love and appreciation for the journey you've undertaken.

At Pure & Cimple, we understand the importance of this narrative. We're here not just to provide skincare but to celebrate the beauty of your life's journey. Inspired by the holistic wisdom of Ayurveda and backed by the precision of biomimetic skin science, we create products that care for your skin gently and effectively, honoring its past and nurturing its future.


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