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Skincare Trend Shifts

Skincare Trend Shifts

We know that the skincare industry is an ever-evolving entity. Every year we see new trends, new skincare ingredients and new formulations make their mark.

Though 2020 threw us for a loop (maskne, anyone?), one thing it did do was make us all hyper-aware of our skincare routines.

We had a lot of time at home to check out our skin in the mirror in between zoom calls and many of us started paying more attention to the products and ingredients we use each day. So where is the future of skincare headed? We’ve narrowed down the trends for 2021 and beyond.

Locally Sourced, Sustainable Ingredients

skincare ingredients
This one isn’t a new trend but rather one that's on-pace to continue its exponential growth. Consumers are becoming more and more interested not just in the ingredients within the products themselves, but where they come from.
Products using upcycled or recycled ingredients, a move towards packaging made from eco-friendly materials with a focus on sustainable practices in all stages of product creation
from farming and manufacturing to shipping and beyond is the future of skincare. Brands will continue to invest in more eco-conscious practices as long as the consumers continue to hold them accountable.

Skincare Ingredients Backed By Science

skincare ingredients

Though “clean beauty” and “green beauty” have been forerunners in the skincare world for a good reason, consumers are beginning to learn that there was quite a bit of greenwashing going on. Natural products made with plant extracts and oils have plenty of benefits, Science, however, has helped us to identify the ingredients and their specific properties that help the skin heal & rejuvenate.

Natural skincare ingredients that are backed by science are on the rise

This trend is set to continue with consumers wanting to see skin care supported by scientific research existing in harmony with ingredients from nature. 


skincare ingredients

Hands down, one of our favorite skincare trends is the emergence of “skininmalism.” 

Simplified life leads to decluttered mind. It’s no different when it comes to skincare and beauty products. ⁣

Skincare & beauty products made with minimal ingredients also offer our skin that same level of joy.

Less ingredients, less chance of irritation! And more space for skincare ingredients to actually make a difference!

Benefit: Your skin will be clearer because you’re not piling on tons of irritating, pore-clogging products every day. You’ll probably even find that you look younger without so much makeup on.

On the whole, the trends we’re seeing in skincare are all about a marriage between well-balanced natural, botanical skincare ingredients that are backed by science and sourced locally and sustainably. 


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