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Our new Logo - commitment to purity, simplicity & sustainability

Our new Logo - commitment to purity, simplicity & sustainability

Big news! After more than a year of learning as we grow we are excited to unveil our new clean, minimalist logo. We feel this better aligns with our brand’s core values:. "Pure Ingredients, Simple Formulations."

To reflect the Pure & Cimple brand ethos, the simpler, more natural looking logo reflects Pure & Cimple's commitment to purity, simplicity, and sustainability.

Story of Evolution…so far

We started with one product, Pure Vitamin C serum, superCerum, our best seller to date, a fresh lemon (logo on the left) seemed the right choice.

As we expand and enrich our product line, every decision, be it researching ingredients or packaging sustainably is circled back to our promise of purity and simplicity. Delivering value to our customers in nourishing their skin with natural, sustainable, and scientifically proven highly effective active ingredients is at our core. We feel our logo should reflect that commitment.

The circle represents the Earth, its ‘not-so-smooth’ edge signifies that Nature is not perfect. Our goal is to break the unrealistic obsession with perfection and re-define beauty by empowering women with the confidence that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

The leaf represents our commitment to continuously evolve to be more and more sustainable.

Our design goal was to better align our values and the our commitment to our customers. 

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