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What are Prebiotics and Probiotics in your skincare? How do they help skin?

What are Prebiotics and Probiotics in your skincare? How do they help skin?
As the largest organ, our skin’s health is as important as of any other organ in our body.

Probiotics and prebiotics play a crucial role in maintaining skin health, especially for women over 40. They balance the skin's microbiome, promoting a healthy barrier against environmental stressors. By nurturing the skin's natural flora, they help reduce inflammation and enhance skin's radiance and resilience. Before we understand how prebiotics and probiotics can help our skin, we need to understand what the microbiome is and how it works.


 What’s skin microbiome?

Infographic explaining the role of prebiotics and probiotics in skincare
As strange as it may sound, there's a parallel world of microbiome that lives with us. Our skin is home to trillions of tiny, microscopic elements like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and lots of other microorg­anisms.
You may think they are impurities but they are actually your skin’s way of nourishing and protecting itself.




Role of Probiotics and Probiotics in the skincare

Close-up of skin issues without probiotic skincare
Our skin's health is important not only for the appearance, but also because our skin helps us build a barrier against irritants and allergens and does a big job in keeping us healthy. These stressors cause sweat, dirt and grime to build up and clog pores.


Harsh facial cleansers and topical products deplete skin of the healthy or the ‘good' bacteria causing skin to inflame resulting in breakouts, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc.

Most skincare products focus on treating the exterior of the skin with topical products to reduce visible problems like aging, acne, or discolouration, the results are nil or short term. 


The long-term solution, however, lies in treating the skin from the inside out. That is where the role of Prebiotics and Probiotics is. 
We're familiar with their benefits for gut health, boosting our immune system and organ functions. What researchers have realized is that these microbes also play a huge part in the vitality, appearance, and health of our skin. They utilize the nutrients that naturally occur in the skin to promote a healthy complexion.


Close-up of happy woman using probiotic skincare ingredients and formulations

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are essentially the good bacteria on our skin that keeps it well nourished and protected. The good bacteria in probiotics strengthens our skin's natural barrier against bad bacteria thereby skin's pH levels.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are the food source for probiotics aka good bacteria and ensure they thrive and propagate. Prebiotics helps to grow diverse array of good bacteria, which is essential to healthy skin. Without this essential food source, the balanced microbiome can’t be achieved and our skin remains in the catching up mode.


Probiotics and prebiotics stabilize the skin’s microbiome balance creating a strong barrier that can withstand a variety of environmental stressors.



Ingredients that enhance the impact of pre/probiotics in skincare

Dermatologist recommending and verified prebiotic and probiotic skincare product


Pre/probiotics products in your skincare work even more efficiently when paired with certain key ingredients.


Hydrators like polyglutamic acid and ceramides that are skin identical lipids strengthen skin barrier so that healthy skin microbes can flourish.


Is the pre/probiotic skincare for you?

Prebiotics and probiotics balances skin microflora and strengthens its natural immune system, and hence any and all skin types benefit from such skincare. 


If you have a sensitive skin, the safest way to introduce pre/probiotic products into your skincare routine is by using fragrance free products.



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