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What is Vitamin C Serum and Why We Need It?

What is Vitamin C Serum and Why We Need It?

Vitamin C has reached hero status in the world of skincare!

Our skin is a multi-functional organ, the largest in the body, and its appearance generally reflects the health and efficacy of its underlying structures. From curing colds to healing wounds, we've heard of the power of vitamin C since we were children.

So, it only makes sense that one of the most coveted serums for mature skin would be a vitamin C serum. If chosen well, this anti-ageing antioxidant-rich Vitamin C serum is known for its ability to help brighten, firm, and hydrate skin all day long. On top of that, vitamin C has also been shown to reverse skin pigmentation issues, making it one of the best serums for melasma, a common skin condition that causes brown patches to appear on the face and body as we age!

Our NEW Pure superCerum 20% is the result of our unwavering passion to bring to you the Vitamin C serum as fresh as it comes!

Our unique design keeps the Vitamin C isolated from the potent emulsion until you open the serum first time, maintaining its freshness and full power for maximum results till the last drop.

Real-time! It’s the power in your hand to Make Fresh!


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