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Pure & Cimple in simple terms

Pure & Cimple in simple terms


A leading edge yet minimalist skincare line 

Pure & Cimple is a leading edge yet minimalist, transparent skincare line created with only a handful of science-backed specialist ingredients in simple harmonious formulas to reset your skin to its best state.

Achieving healthy skin that can rejuvenate naturally is the guiding force behind our every product. With only pure and innovative ingredients, our minimalist products server a purpose in caring for your skin.


Why Pure & Cimple skincare


Pure & Cimple products are formulated with ingredients that you can literally count on your finger tips with around 10 or less ingredients.

Carefully chosen, pure and innovative ingredients elevate each others efficiency and work coherently to nourish skin health. Ingredients that we choose are such that they supplement the nutrients that are there in our skin when we are younger and lose them as we age. These ingredients replenish the lost nutrients or stimulate the production of these nutrients. 

Devoid of toxins, our products do not carry fragrances, essential oils, silicones, fillers, retinols.


Less number of ingredients means less chance of irritation

and more space for each ingredient to work.


Our Promise



If it carries ‘Pure & Cimple’ name, it’s always:

  • Natural and Organic - we constantly research the natural ingredients and formulate quality products 
  • Fresh - we manufacture our products in small batches- what you receive is as fresh as can be!
  • Effective and simple: We use ingredients in its best form and keep our formulations simple to let each ingredient work
  • Non-toxic: Out of the 5000+ toxins that have become a part of many skin care products- we use NONE!
  • Cruelty-free: We never test on animals!
  • Ethical and sustainable: We prefer to source high quality sustainable  ingredients locally to minimize transport pollution and ensure freshness and purity.
  • Conscious: We are aware of our role in society and our environment. In our quest to empower future generations, we donate £1 of each sale for education of girl children in India. In North America we donate $1.50 of each sale to support the Shoebox Project for Women. We also support the Plastic Bank to fund the collection, processing, and bringing back ocean bound plastic to the supply chain.


A Little About Preeti, Founder of Pure & Cimple

My passion for skincare started well in my teenage.

Growing up I was continually looking for ways to calm my sensitive skin. I struggled to find products that were gentle yet effective for my sensitive skin.

Disappointed with the options available in the market, whether natural products,  which essentially didn’t improve my skin,  or conventional high street brands (flared up my skin), I decided to research more natural solutions.

I started experimenting and creating my own skincare. As a good chemistry student, I began documenting the effects of different natural, organic ingredients on diverse skin conditions. Soon it became my “infectious passion” and inspired me to learn more about the largest organ in our body. 

A healthy, well-nourished, and resilient skin is key to strengthening our immunity and overall wellbeing. The global pandemic reinforced its importance and served to heighten my passion for skincare.

Fast forward, after a successful stint in software industry for 20 years and in my perimenopausal phase, I am now equipped with formal training as a cosmetic formulator. With hands-on experience backed by invaluable user data and research, I set the foundation for Pure & Cimple - a beautiful skincare company empowering and building confidence in our skin. 


Contact me or get to know me more here



Where Do We Go From Here

Our vision is Simple! We want to become a trusted brand that you can relate to and feel proud to associate with. To achieve this, we are constantly seeking the best available natural ingredients and creating products which support skin's natural health and are safe for the planet.