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Pure & Cimple in simple terms

Pure & Cimple in simple terms


Why Pure & Cimple Skincare 


  • Science-backed skincare with minimalist formulas to empower healthy skin for all
  • An innovative blend of ingredients inspired by both Ayurvedic heritage and cutting-edge advancements in natural skincare elements
  • Uniquely formulated with around 10 carefully chosen ingredients for maximum results and easy understanding of what you're putting on your skin
  • Specifically chosen ingredients to replenish lost nutrients and stimulate their production for revitalized, youthful-looking skin
  • Prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing for the benefit of both your skin and the environment
Experience the power of minimalist skincare with us and transform your skin health with just a few, carefully chosen, innovative ingredients - Preeti, Founder of Pure & Cimple


    Empowering Healthy Skin for All


    Less number of ingredients means less chance of irritation

    and more space for each ingredient to work.


    Our Promise



    If it carries ‘Pure & Cimple’ name, it’s always:

    • Natural and Organic - we constantly research the natural ingredients and formulate quality products 
    • Fresh - we manufacture our products in small batches- what you receive is as fresh as can be!
    • Effective and simple: We use ingredients in its best form and keep our formulations simple to let each ingredient work
    • Non-toxic: Out of the 5000+ toxins that have become a part of many skin care products- we use NONE!
    • Cruelty-free: We never test on animals!
    • Ethical and sustainable: We prefer to source high quality sustainable  ingredients locally to minimize transport pollution and ensure freshness and purity.
    • Conscious: We are aware of our role in society and our environment. In our quest to empower future generations, we donate £1 of each sale for education of girl children in India. In North America we donate $1 of each sale to support the Shoebox Project for Women. We also support the Plastic Bank to fund the collection, processing, and bringing back ocean bound plastic to the supply chain.


    A Little About Preeti, Founder of Pure & Cimple

    Hi, I'm the founder of Pure & Cimple, and I'm passionate about creating effective and gentle skincare products. My journey began in my teenage years when I struggled to find products that were both effective and gentle on my sensitive skin. Disappointed with the limited options available in the market, I began researching and experimenting natural solutions inspired by Ayurvedic home remedies with my mother's help. As my passion for skincare grew, so did my knowledge of the largest organ in our body.

    Fast forward 20 years, and I've had a successful career in the software tech industry. However, I always knew that my true passion was skincare. So, in my perimenopausal phase, I decided to pursue formal training as a cosmetic formulator. With my hands-on experience backed by invaluable user data and research, I set the foundation for Pure & Cimple - a beautiful skincare company that empowers and builds confidence in our skin.

    As someone who is passionate about both technology and skincare, I see the potential for bio-tech to take the healthcare industry, including our skin, to an entirely new level. I believe in moving beyond the categorization of skin types and evaluating individual skin needs to develop products that enhance its health incrementally. 

    My aspiration is to create skincare products that integrate cutting-edge BioTech skin health testing, while staying true to the principles of natural and Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. - Preeti



    Contact me or get to know me more here



    Where Do We Go From Here

    Our vision is Simple! We want to become a trusted brand that you can relate to and feel proud to associate with. To achieve this, we are constantly seeking the best available natural ingredients and creating products which support skin's natural health and are safe for the planet.