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Making A Difference

Making A Difference


Let's Join Hands

We are what our society is. At Pure & Cimple, we believe in nourishing natural health and that holds true beyond our skin, we want to support our society.

Koshish Initiative with Prajna Foundation

73% of girls in India do not get past 10 years of school. Their dreams are as colourful as any other child’s and they have just as much potential to fulfil them. What they lack is a fair chance – an opportunity to go to school, to hone their talents, to even have a happy and carefree childhood that every child deserves.

The english translation of KOSHISH means Effort. With this initiative, Pure & Cimple is working hands-in-hands with Prajna Foundation to empower girl children in slums in India by providing means to educate them and the tools to escape the cycle of poverty, and expose them to the things that make life more than just survival. 

Be Part of The Change

This cause is very close to our heart!

Pure & Cimple will donate £1 of each sale from superCerum to Prajna Foundation for the Koshish initiative!

To Donate to Prajna Foundation directly , click the button below

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