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Three Tips to get Bright Dewy Skin this summer!

Three Tips to get Bright Dewy Skin this summer!

How free would you feel if you could work-out without worrying about the way you look, grab some groceries without having to get “ready”, take your dog out without worrying about who would see you bare-faced? It is FREEDOM!!!

It's not only about looks though! Proper skin care is essential to firstly, keep our barrier intact against infections and secondly to keep ourselves feeling good about our appearance. The skin is the largest organ in the body; it is continuously working for our protection.

The skin cells are shed routinely, making proper skincare a necessity to get rid of the dead cells as well as making sure it is not too dry, or dull. 

The signs of ageing and the effects of the sun are the first to appear on the skin. Most of us are too busy to cure the underlying conditions and resort to makeup and still do not see what we would like to see! Right? Believe me, you’re not alone in this.

We can do a lot to keep our skin and body as a whole, healthy and glowing. But today I am picking 3 steps that you may be missing in your routine but they can change entirely how your skin looks and feels! 

DIY Skin Masks

If you curate the ingredients carefully, a DIY face mask can be the superfood smoothie of your skincare routine. Whatever is your skin type or skin condition, you can get instantly glowing skin if you pick the right ingredients, right off your kitchen table. Plus, they are easy to use, economical and they are less likely to have any skin reaction. From yogurt to lemon to honey to aloe vera your kitchen is full of ingredients that can brighten your skin instantly!

Just invest 20-30 min in a week where you can prepare a fresh face mask and see how your skin saves you a lot of spa trips!

Leave in comments, if you would like me to share a few DIY homemade mask recipes!

Face Serums 


There is no better idea than adding face serum to your skincare routine. A serum, or concentrate, is a lightweight skincare product with a high concentration of active ingredients to address and target specific skin concerns. For example; lines and wrinkles. DO NOT confuse serums with moisturizers! Mosturizers create a barrier for the skin hydration but they do not go inside your skin to repair skin cells. Think of serums as food for your skin and moisturizers as clothes to protect your skin!

To fight aging signs, use Vitamin C serum daily once or twice! It boosts collagen production, fight free radicals to slow the ageing process and you will discover brightened and tightened skin, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, alleviated hyperpigmentation! Isn’t it great?

My favourite skincare tip: Invest in serums, use less primer, less foundation, and less highlighter!


Exposure to the sunlight is the most important factor contributing to the dullness of the skin. Not only does it make you look dull, but also, sunlight exposure for increased periods is associated with many skin related problems like sunburn, or even worse skin cancer. It is essential to wear sunblock before going out in the sun.

Use min SPF 30 everyday, whether you are inside or outside, whether it’s rainy or sunny! SPF shields from sun’s harmful UV rays and protects essential skin proteins - collagen, keratin, and elastin. What you will see is a younger looking, radiant, and healthy skin, while you are out in the sun doing what you enjoy!

Interesting fact: Studies reveal that people who used sunscreen regularly had 24% lesser chances of developing aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.

Tip of the lifetime: To optimize UV protection, combine SPF with a topical antioxidant Vitamin C serum & hydra riche skin serum. When sunscreen and vitamin C are applied together, their benefits multiply. Make them your best friends!


There are SO MANY things that you can do to keep your skin looking lovely. Makeup is not a necessity and we can look dewy, glows, and radiant without any at all! All we need is proper skincare which we can incorporate in our daily lives without the expensive and time-consuming spa visits! I’ll just leave it at that!



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