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Our Story

For centuries, people have used natural ingredients, botanical extracts, and herbs to heal, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Then came science, with all its wonders, formulas, and mixes. Science has helped us to identify the specific properties that help the skin heal & rejuvenate. But with those wonders, came harmful chemicals, carcinogens, and toxins. That is why we need to look back to nature for simple and clean solutions void of toxins. And that is what inspired us to start our own skincare line. At Pure & Cimple, we capture Science and Nature in harmony so that your skin can benefit from this amalgam: achieving healthy skin that can heal and rejuvenate naturally. Pure & Cimple is exactly what the name says, and so much more.

Our Promise

If it carries ‘Pure & Cimple’ name, it’s always: Natural and Organic - we constantly research the natural ingredients and formulate quality products Fresh - we manufacture our products in small batches- what you receive is as fresh as can be! Effective and simple: We use ingredients in its best form and keep our formulations simple to let each ingredient work Non-toxic: Out of the 5000+ toxins that have become a part of many skin care products- we use NONE! Cruelty-free: We never test on animals! Ethical and sustainable: We prefer to source high quality sustainable ingredients locally to minimize transport pollution and ensure freshness and purity. Conscious: We are aware of our role in society and our environment. In our quest to empower future generations, we donate £1 of each sale for education of girl children in India. In North America we donate $1.50 of each sale to support the Shoebox Project for Women. We also support the Plastic Bank to fund the collection, processing, and bringing back ocean bound plastic to the supply chain.